I am very excited and grateful for the opportunity to serve as president of the MHC Healthcare
Foundation. My father instilled a strong belief in “giving back” to express our gratitude for all that
we enjoy. I look forward to working with our community to assure that MHC Healthcare, and its
network of 15 clinics throughout the greater Tucson area, will have the ability to provide critical
programs and services.

In times of economic uncertainty it is often challenging to commit our precious resources in support
of our community. Yet we can all remember a time of personal struggle where someone reached out
to assist us. Our nation is committed to seeing that all individuals have access to basic primary and
preventative healthcare, and community health centers are essential in that effort.

For the past 56 years, MHC Healthcare has demonstrated excellence in the delivery of primary care
and behavioral health. Our programs include mammography screening, diabetes education, dental
care, pediatric and women’s services, pharmacy, and others. As we continue to grow and expand, we
will need community support to make those dreams a reality.

The MHCH Foundation’s vision is to provide sustainable funding to insure that services continue and
MHC Healthcare can meet the additional care needs of those in underserved areas. It is our goal to
collaborate with key leaders and businesses to identify a plan of success with a focus on the future
and respect for our rich community heritage.

Please join us in our effort by volunteering or making a donation today. It’s our community….
Everyone can help!

From all of us at the MHCH Foundation, we sincerely thank those who have contributed time and
funds in support of our mission.

Jeffrey Abbett
President, MHCH Foundation

Contact Us: (520) 616-1555